Are you an A, B or C

The Around the Bay Road Race will use corrals to seed fast runners at the start of the 2013 race.

A sub 3-hour marathon time or sub-1:35 half will qualify you for the front of the pack in Corral A. Sub-3:30 full and sub-1:45 half times are seeded in Corral B while sub-3:50 and sub-1:55 runners will be slotted into Corral C. There is still an open category.

More than 11,000 runners laced up for the Bay race in 2012. Corrals generally help with reducing congestion at the start of a race.

Entries into the corrals are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Want to be seeded in the race? Email a link to a race results page listing your qualifying time for review.

The next Bay race, a 30k road race in Hamilton, is set for March 24, 2013. Read more about how to get to the front of the pack and elite status here. Registration is now open. Sign up here.

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