Running scared?

Afraid of a coyote attack while running the trails? How about missing that goal you’ve been training for most of the year to hit? Are you scared of hurting yourself?

Talk to me. I want to hear all about it.

I’m working on content for Niagara Runner that I plan to post later in October. I’m calling the series Running Scared and I want to know about your running-related fears. Tell me what you are afraid of and I will post solutions to help you leave those fears in your dust.

You can post your running fears in the comments, connect with me on Twitter or send me an email at

3 thoughts on “Running scared?

  1. My biggest fear out running is getting attacked by dogs. Normally I love dogs, but in the area I’m running there are a lot of nasty dogs.. They are growling and/or barking at me or chasing me down the road.. And not in a good way! Sometimes the dogs make me stop for minutes (losing my pace and go during the run) just to be able to gather courage to get past them. This might be a ridiculous fear, but still… My fear.

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