Gearing up for the Niagara Falls marathon

Can’t believe the Niagara Falls International Marathon is less than two weeks away. The virtual tour posted above was a cool find. Brought back all sorts of great memories. And painful ones. My legs started burning a little over four minutes into the video. I think they were remembering the last 12k from last year’s marathon. Talk about muscle memory.

I understand organizers tweaked the marathon course this year. It still starts at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery but the Niagara Falls marathon’s website states the loop on Lincoln Parkway has been removed in favour of a straight away start. Good thing, too. Stuck in the pack, I found that first loop energy-robbing and almost rolled an ankle dodging flying sweaters and hats a pair of runners were peeling away at the start of the race.

Runners will make up the difference after they cross the Peace Bridge with the extra kilometers added to the route in Fort Erie on Canadian side of the course.

The Niagara Falls marathon remains the only marathon in the world to start in one country and finishes in another, states the website. It is also a certified qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Planning on qualifying for Boston 2013 in Niagara Falls? Registration is still open as of today, but space is limited. Read more about registration and qualifying times at the Boston Athletic Association website.

For me, the ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston, but I take things one race at a time and right now I am focused on Niagara Falls. Not sure if this year will be the year, but I will get there.

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