Looks like my days as a streaker are over. At least for now.

After 130 straight days of running, my run streak ended Thursday when I decided to take the day off to rest up before the Casablanca Classic on Saturday, Nov. 10. I have a knot in my back for a week as well as tightness in my right calf since a hill run last Sunday. There’s also the tenderness in my right heel.

I Googled my symptoms and have diagnosed myself with a mild case of plantar fasciitis. So all it’s been about these last couple of days is rest and stretching. I didn’t run today either.

Not that it was easy to give up the streak. I kept that thing going with runs on some very cold and rainy nights. But I know I am doing the right thing. I personally loved the doing a run streak. While others consider it to be an unhealthy practise, I think I managed daily runs the right way and it helped me to hit my goals.

The bulk of my running load came between Canada Day and Labour Day, what I was calling my Kenyan Summer. I was running at least eight kilometers a day and would alternate hard and easy days and sometimes run twice a day. At least once a week I would follow-up a good night run with an equal effort early the next morning. Often, my morning runs were fasted runs: I’d do them before breakfast.

In September, I kept the streak going, but easy days turned into three kilometer runs when I felt like I needed a break.

My plan was to get used to running tired in an effort to simulate the end of halfs and fulls. Can’t say for sure where I came up with this notion, but it seemed to make sense in theory. Turns out it worked pretty well in practise, too. I set PBs for both distances this year. Plus, I recovered from long training runs and races a lot more quickly.

Hopefully I will be able to keep up my fitness now that I am not running every day. I plan to still run hard every other day and will maybe mix in some cross training. This season was a huge success — I set four personal bests and hit all of my goals so far — and I want to keep the momentum going in 2013. Also looking forward to starting another run streak next summer.

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