Looking back and ahead

My daughters helped me compose this photo and lit it using a hand-held LED flashlight. I really had little to do with this except holding the camera and pressing the button. Anyone else have art directors ages four and six?

What an incredible year for running 2012 turned out to be for me. As my season comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and smile at some of the great experiences I’ve had because of running.


There’s been a lot of successes: I basically rewrote my own personal record book, setting PBs at every distance. Now, 2012 was only my second year as a road racer — pinning on a bib, crossing actual finish lines and recording official times. I learned a lot over the last year so my PBs didn’t really stand a chance. And, I am still figuring this thing out, so those records could potentially fall again in 2013.

Really, pushing the limits to perform my best is what it is all about. If I can run my goal time in race, that’s great. If I can run my goal time and place in my age group, that’s awesome. I’m over the moon if my best gets me a good overall placing.

So, it was a nice bonus to be crowned  as one of the champions of the Subaru Niagara Running Series. I ran five of the six events as part of the Subaru of Hamilton Running Series division and earned the gold medal for 30-34 men’s division. I placed in the top three of my age group for each race except the 32nd annual Tim Horton’s Peachbud 10k and was pleased with my consistent finishes. Highlights included finishing fourth overall and second in my age class at the 35th annual Run for the Grapes Half Marathon and placing fourth overall and first in my division at the 14th annual Tim Horton’s Casablanca Classic 8k.

For winning, I was awarded the medal and a sweet Timex watch. Congratulations Kent Keeler and Matt Kings, who placed second and third.

I also placed third for 30-34 men’s division in the Merrell Barefoot Collection Series, which includes the shorter distance races at each event. I scored enough points in the two races that serve both the Subaru and the Merrell series to earn the bronze medal and a new gym bag. Congratulations Jeff Allison, who won the division, and Keeler, who placed second.

Phil Moreau, my brother-in-law, also picked up some hardware for placing second in the 35-39 men’s age group. See a full list of winners here. I’d like to thank the organizers for the prizes and for providing the great events where I achieved most of my goals.

Have to say I wouldn’t be as successful of a runner without the support and encouragement of my wife, Julie. She’s a big part of race day, from making sure I get there on time to wrangling our daughters at the finish line. Before I even toe the line, she is the one who often coordinates schedules to make sure I get my workouts in. She is always the first person to believe I can do some of the amazing things I’ve been able to do.

Thank you, Julie, for being there every step of the way.

My brother-in-law, Phil, and his wife, Sarah, are the ones who got me into this in the first place. Thanks for the encouragement and support. We will all be going faster in 2013.

Not yet sure what races I will target next year, but I definitely have new goals I want to achieve. And, I can’t help but look forward to Boston 2014. Hope I am running a sub-2:30 marathon by then.

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