That’s right, I somehow managed to find someone out there to give me a sponsorship. I am proud to say in 2013 I will be running under the Team Running Free colours, I hope to make them as proud to have me as I am to be a part of the team.

Running Free is a running store in Ontario with locations in Markham, Milton, Ajax, Barrie, Newmarket and Orangeville and a cool online property. You’ve probably seen their runners in red singlets if you’ve raced in southern Ontario. That’s how I found out about them. Both my brother-in-law Phil Moreau and I applied at the end of last season and were welcomed into the program last week.

Yes, I waited one week to make this blog post. Just wanted to be sure they weren’t going to change their mind about me. Just kidding.

Now, I won’t be giving up my career in PR, but it is great to get more support in pursuing my running goals. In fact, I really like what Team Running Free is about: bringing runners and athletes (triathletes, cyclists and adventure racers are also part of the team) of all levels together under the same banner to not just of win but to inspire and build confidence, both in themselves and others. That’s very similar to what Niagara Runner is about.

The program also offers other resources and a community of more than 200 other athlets to share experiences with. And, I determine my own schedule, so I can train, race and volunteer in a way that still meets my needs while still fulfilling my obligations.

I was already looking forward to this season but this new opportunity has me even more excited. Can’t wait to get my singlet.

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