Running through the mud

Those aren’t my legs, but I’ve been just as muddy after the endurance runs with the Adventure Running for Kids club every other Monday.

Who knew running through the mud was this much fun?

I’ll tell you who: kids. They live for this stuff. I’ve been running with the Don’t Get Lost Adventure Running for Kids program in St. Catharines and it’s been an adventure. My seven-year-old daughter joined the program as her fall activity, passing up things like gymnastics and skating for the chance to roll – er,  what I mean here is run – in the mud for an hour once a week. I’m helping out as a group coach, keeping the youngsters together and digging out shoes that are lost in the mud. Proud to say no shoe has been left behind.

I love running the trails at Burgoyne Woods, although I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a run like this. My Saucony Kinvaras aren’t the best choice for running up and down some of the slick slopes, but, amazingly, I’ve avoided kerplunking in any of the big puddles.

Can’t say the same for most of the kids. Including my daughter, who gives me drippy hugs after climbing out the some soupy water. Was on the receiving end of some muddy high-5s and some kid often spots my shirt with hand prints.

It’s a great program with speed and strength workouts one week, endurance and orienteering the next. The kids are having so much fun, I don’t think they realize how good this all is for them.

Looking forward to next week’s run!

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