Waiting for the start

Boston is Monday. I am ready.

After months of training and planning, the start for the 2014 Boston Marathon is now only a few days away. Feels like the last month just flew by. Maybe it’s because Niagara is finally out of the winter that seemed like it would never end. It could be because I’ve been spinning so many plates these last few weeks that I barely noticed the time go by.

In any case, it’s April 18. The Boston Marathon is on Monday. And I am ready.

I think.

So, the self doubt is creeping in. With one week to go, it’s right on schedule. Its ok, self doubt is a friend I know well. Since I’ve taken some time off running to rest up for the Boston Marathon, what runners call the taper, I’ve had more time to think. And, what I keep thinking about is what could go wrong.

Craziness, but common among runners, I hear. Everyone tells me to reflect on my training and the milestones along the way.

Did that. But the thing is, my training has been different this time around. The winter was brutal, and my mileage wasn’t where it I wanted it to be. I still averaged about 75 to 95 kilometers a week, but I usually ran more preparing for the marathons I’ve completed in the fall.

I also haven’t been running every day. Fall marathons usually involve a run streak.

But, the training I have been doing has been intense. My paces have been around six minute miles (average of 60 minutes for 16k). I’ve also enjoyed the rest after hard workouts.

Also, the bulk of my hill training came in the last third of my prep because my favourite routes were cover in snow and ice.

So, I’ve had good training. It’s just been different. And, I felt ready after my last hard tempo run, a 24k run in about 1:32. That was two-and-a-half weeks ago, though.

Will it be enough to run Boston in 2:45? We will see, I guess. But, no matter what, I’m enjoying the experience and loving the challenge.

One thought on “Waiting for the start

  1. Congratulations Rob. It may not have been a 2:45, but as you know, 2014 was a slow year for Boston. A 2:58 at Boston is quite the accomplishment.

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