Singlet or no singlet


Singlet or no singlet?

Going to try for a new 5k PB at tomorrow’s Reindeer Run in Rochester, N.Y.

I’ve been trying to run a sub-16 minute 5k for a while and was starting to think I might be ready. I always feel faster than i really am. I have had some good training run building up to this and I feel really well rested.

But this week holiday revelry kicked in and I’ve been indulging. Already today I’ve enjoyed a burger and fries from The Works, Subway on the way to Rochester and Doritos right now as I write this. Still feeling confident I will run at least a 16:30. I hope.

My real problem is what to wear. I’m most comfortable in running shorts and my singlet. Last week I would have been fine. Tomorrow, though, it’s forecasted to be -2 degrees Celsius and to feel like -9. It’s been so mild in Niagara I’m not sure I built up a tolerance to temps that cold yet.

I may do a long sleeve with shorts, hat and gloves. Click here to see what Runner’s World suggests.

I haven’t pinned on my bib yet so we’ll see how it feels in the morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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