Marathon training has begun

Got out for my first official marathon training run for the Cornwall Run to End MS marathon and it was a long, wet one.

While it was quite rainy for most of it, I got in before it really got nasty. In Niagara, its been a pretty mild winter. Today wasn’t much different. But it did get could this afternoon and it snowed. I probably was feeling some pre-run jitters this morning — didn’t want to start off my first long run in the rain. I was glad I didn’t wait when I saw what it was doing outside at 4 p.m.

I went for 28km today, the longest I’ve run lately. It felt good, although I was a little beat up the last couple of kilometers. Went out a little fast –what else is new — for the conditions I guess. Overall, still manage to average my goal pace over the duration of the run.

And so, 16 weeks of marathon training has begun. My parents entered me into the Cornwall marathon as a Christmas present. They also gifted me the third edition of Daniel’s Running Formula, a book about training. It’s interesting and includes plans for marathon training. I’m reading through it and hope to implement some of its suggestions into my training  for the April 30 run. I’m just looking to shake my training so I can PB in my hometown.

Gotta run!


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