Day off


I fell last night while running. It was during my easy run, exactly at my turn-around spot that I slipped on an icy patch of road.
Must have been hilarious to see. I kind of picture myself looking like Kermit the Frog with my arms flailing out to protect myself. There were witnesses.  No Internet video has turned up. Yet.
I was fine. I’m well-practiced at spectacular bails: it usually happens once or twice during winter training. Also when I’m walking the dog.
Worse, though was when I rolled my ankle a few ks later. Stepped on a chunk of ice that I didn’t even see coming (streetlights were out on that stretch of Glendale Avenue for some reason). I didn’t go down and managed to stay within my goal pace for the rest of the run.
Today, though, I’m feeling tightness in my core and stiffness in my ankle. I am not hurting but decided to take it easy today based on advice from Internet.
So, I’ve been reading about running, instead.
I know I’m not losing anything by taking a day off but it still hard to break from routine. Really looking forward to getting back at it on my long run tomorrow.

Gotta run,

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