Officially amazing

Got some ‘grape’ news today.

(hehe – never gets old)

The email I’ve been waiting months finally found its way to my inbox – I’m now a Guinness World Record holder. Last October I ran the half marathon at the Niagara Falls International Marathon in a grape costume in a bid to set the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon dressed as a grape.

I finished in 1 hour, 19 minutes and 13 seconds – fast enough to stand up as a new record. That was the easy part.

I filed all the paperwork, witness statements, photos, video and some other things. Then, I waited. The hard part. It felt like forever. Checked every day. Many times a day.


We were all pretty excited over here at the Lapensee house. Actually found out on Facebook – my wife posted the good news and my phone (on vibrate ’cause I was in meetings this a.m.) was buzzing like crazy. Got back to my desk and checked it all out – text, email, Facebook.

There’s nothing like seeing it in black and white. It’s a mix between satisfaction and relief – kind of like getting a good mark back on an exam you felt like you aced the day you wrote it.

I’m soaking it all in. It was a lot of fun, did some good, and made a lot of people smile. My girls saw first hand they can do whatever they set their minds to – if someone like their dad (that’s me) can set a Guinness World Record then anything is possible.

Now that I’ve finally checked this box on my ‘To Do’ list I can start focusing on to the next – I kind of like the sound of Canadian masters marathon champion …

Gotta run. Until next time.

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