Hello 2019. Goodbye sugary junk!

Note: I started writing this a week or so ago and am just now getting around to posting it.

Ah, a new year, a new set of goals to run towards. Yes, this is another one of those New Year – New Me posts. I had a tough end to the running season last year. Now that some time has passed, I can see I had a pretty amazing year. Met a lot of great new peeps at the weekly Run Niagara Free 5k run series and some other local races. Ran strong at the Boston Marathon in what was probably the worst weather in its history. Trained hard consistently during last-year`s hotter-than-hell summer. Finished in the top 100 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, the same race where Cam Levins set a new Canadian marathon.

There were some downs, too. Threw my back out changing into pajamas (that actually became a stinker of an issue that stuck with me for the rest of the year). Running in the hot summer heat was exhausting and meant I was running at times of the day when I really should have been going to bed (I`m not an early riser). I didn`t run any of the goal race times I set for last year.

That last one was the hardest part to swallow.

I feel like I was so close. I was feeling really fit at Boston but had to be flexible with my race plan due to the weather. In Toronto, I felt strong after a training-block that set me up to endure. I went for it and everything was going right until about half-way. Then, nothing was really going right, although I was trying to hold on for as long as I could.

For me, so much lives and dies with hitting those goal race times. There is, however, still so much to be proud about after running a marathon that doesn`t even happen on race day. For example, last year, I ran faster training runs than I ever thought I could and then did it again the next day. That was pretty incredible.

I often tell myself when everything goes right on race day that it becomes a celebration of months of commitment, dedication and hard work. I need to start believing it more when I don`t run the race of my life – it’s still true.

So, for 2019 I`m going to try not to base how successful my year of running is on whether or not I run my marathon goal time. Instead, I`m going back to basics with my goal setting and focusing on some of the little things, such as cutting out sugar in my diet (that a real struggle for me – I`m drinking pop as I write this) and stretching more and doing more planks and other core exercises.

I still plan to train hard and run fast times. Training is key. But, I`m already committed to training so I don feel I need to resolve to run more and train harder. I just need to clean up the those little things and I think my performances will prosper.

2019 Running Resolutions

  1. Eat Well – I like food. The more junkie, the better. At the top of that list is sugary junk. My diet isn`t horrible but I can definitely replace some things, such as candy and cola, with others, such as protein bars and beet juice, that will do me more good.
  2. Stretching – I run a lot but I don`t stretch a lot. That has to change. And, it will – After. Every. Run.
  3. Build Up the Core – Something else I don`t focus on enough. Instead of relegating core work to a workout here and there, I`m adding core work to my post-run routine (after stretching) as well as additional workouts throughout the week.
  4. Try New Things – I like change, but I sometimes I`m ​a little reluctant to adapt to new training, new gear, new foods, and so on. Change is good. I shook up my training this summer and I definitely felt some improvements that I maybe wouldn`t have doing the same-old, same-old. I want to try to do more of that.
  5. Be More Social 1 – I have great friends that I don`t run with nearly enough. I need to work a little harder at getting the group runs into my schedule.
  6. Be More Social 2 – I`m​ learning things and collecting great stories about running that I want to write, post and tweet more about. You`ve all been warned.

That`s all for now. Got to run!



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