Robert Lapensee

Rob Lapensee

Hi, I’m Rob Lapensee and welcome to my blog.

I’m a runner in the Niagara region and started this blog a few years ago, partly as a project for a class I was taking at the time but mostly to spread my joy for my favourite pastime.

As a runner, I’ve learned a lot over, about the sport and about life, and am still learning. I alway look forward to sharing what I know. Hope you find something helpful.

Niagara, ON. is probably one of the most beautiful places to run and I hope to share those experiences with others.

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Personal Bests

5k: 16:21
DSBN Road Race, 2016
St. Catharines, ON

8k: 28:57.4
Casablanca Classic, 2012
Grimsby, ON

10k: 35:39
Peachbud 10k, 2015
Grimsby, ON

10 miler: 55:45
Boxing Day 10 Miler, 2016
Hamilton, ON

Half marathon: 1:14:47
Run for the Grapes Half Marathon, 2016
St. Catharines, ON

Marathon: 2:44:14
Mudcat Marathon, 2017
Dunnville, ON

About the Niagara Runner blog
This blog is a source for news and information about running, with a focus on Niagara. It’s also where I can reflect on what’s went well and what hasn’t in training and racing. I hope to inspire and help others with what I’ve learned while striving to become the best runner I can be.

Niagara Runner is a place for the running community to meet and share knowledge and experiences. You are welcome to participate but please be respectful of the content and comments. Remember, we are here to help each other reach our goals.

This blog should be updated once a week, typically between Thursday and Sunday. Because I value my family time I check the blog sporadically throughout the week and will respond to messages and comments when I can.


  1. Hi Rob,
    I’ve noticed your name on the results sheets of several local races and am glad to have found your blog. I started running in may 2012 (as a 43 year-old, overweight male) after a 29 year absence from the sport. Long story short…I am extremely grateful that running comes so naturally to me and I love doing it every day. I ran Mississauga Marathon exactly 1 year after purchasing my first shoes. Finished in 3:33:16. Ran Run-for-the-Grapes in 1:33:16, then BQ’d in NF International in 3:16:16. My next goal is to sub 3:00:00 in Mississauga this spring. Alwats looking for other runners for mutual encouragement and inspiration.


    1. Nice to meet you Charles, and great work in NF. That was real windy through Fort Erie this year, wasn’t it. Good luck in Mississauga: hope you can your taining goes well this winter. It looks like Ontario is in for a doozie this year.


      1. Turns out training is not going well due to the weather and a pulled hamstring. I might have to adjust my expectations for a spring marathon. Best of luck training for Boston!

  2. Hi Rob,
    I found your blog and was wandering if you have any suggestion for me. I’m a 42 yo runner in the Niagara region for the next month and looking for a partner or a group to train with. I used to be an ultramarathoner but now I don’t have as much time and would like to get back to the marathon distance. I just need a bit of motivation, so I would love to train with someone once in a while.
    PB marathon: 2:46 (2010)
    Any suggestion?


    1. Hey Thierry, the St. Catharines Road Runners may be a good place to start. They run Wednesday nights starting at 6:30pm. They are a social group but there are some faster runners. Check them out online at http://www.welovetorun.com.
      I try to get out with the club when I can but have a lot going on over the next six weeks.

      There are running stores that offer more structured groups. Theres a Running Room, the Runners Edge and Try Sport Niagara.

      Hope that helps.


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