I did it!

Just a quick update – I finished the half marathon at the Niagara Falls International Marathon today dressed in a grape costume in 1 hour 19 minutes and 13 seconds.

That’s a fast enough time to set a new Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon dressed as fruit – unofficially. Now I need to submit the evidence for verification in order to make it official.

More to come – got to run.

Tomorrow is the big day

In just over 12 hours I’m going for it! Tomorrow is Oct 15, the big day, the day I challenge the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon dressed as a fruit. I’m wearing a grape costume. 

I’ve got a good feeling something special is going to happen tomorrow. I’ve worked hard all summer. It’s going to be fun!

I’ll let you know how it goes. Wishing all the other runners chasing their goals this weekend in Niagara Falls (and elsewhere) that they good times out there and the races they’ve been preparing for. 

See you at the start line! Gotta run.

My first GoPro running video

This is what I look like when I run.

I need to provide video evidence of of run in a grape costume during my Guinness World Record attempt. So, I was testing out the GoPro that’s going capture every glorious minute of my half marathon.

I put the thing on a hand grip and set out for a 13k easy run. Nice to share some views from the Welland Canal Path – one of my favourite routes.

That’s it for now. Gotta run.


About three weeks to go until my attempt to set the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon dressed as a fruit and things are really coming together. With the weather being what it was this summer in Niagara (really only a few super hot days), there’s probably been no better time to prepare for a fall half marathon. Some of training runs have been in costume, too.

Then September rolls in and all of a sudden we are dealing with back to school, driving the girls to dance class and other weeknight activities, and, apparently, the high heat and humidity we should have had during the summer.

Cooled off with a Popsicle after a hot long run today.

Cooled off with a Popsicle after a hot long run today.

Man it was hot this week. I really suffered on my long run this morning in heat that was over 35 degrees Celsius.

Saw this in a running store window. True words.

Saw this in a running store window. True words.

You can follow my training on Strava.

The challenge to keep up with my training is something I face every fall. I often feel like all that hard work all summer starts to unravel as I adjust to the new schedule. I don’t think it really does, but it’s sometimes hard not to stress about still trying to get those runs in when it starts to get late and dark.

We’re getting things sorted out (I think we’ll be out two nights now with some stuff on the weekend) and falling into a routine that works. But I’ve had to be a little more creative with some runs and just letting others go.

Creative here means I run when I can, such as the 45 minutes between dropping the girls off at dance and picking them up again.

This week was tough and I basically relegated as a rest week. I wanted this to my last week for long intervals, but some errands and other commitments around a couple of nights this week, a Friday wedding shoot and some oppressive heat moved me to cancel a couple of workouts.

It’s ok, I can use the rest.

Overall, training has gone well – it’s been a good build up in spite of probably the most vacation time I’ve ever taken over a summer. I spent the first part of my summer emphasizing speed with some hard 400m-repeats. However, I feel like I put off some threshold workouts (or at least didn’t get as many miles in at threshold pace as I would have liked). But again, the extra rest helped me get stronger for my long repeats (1km) phase and threshold runs. I’m really satisfied with hitting these workouts, although I’ve had to move my schedule around a bit to fit all the runs in.

Sign on running path at Pop Century Resort at Disney World.

Sign on running path at Pop Century Resort at Disney World.

I’m not complaining – I have had good times with family and friends and got to run in some amazing places, such as Orlando, Florida (running path at our Disney World Resort), Allegany State Park (a big black bear walked out right in front of me during one run, another time I almost stepped on a skunk) and all over Ontario, including Parry Sound, Cornwall (my hometown), Wasaga Beach and, of course, here in Niagara (mostly St. Catharines and Niagara Falls).

Three weeks to go.

Gotta run!

Meanwhile in Merritton …

There were reports of a grown man dressed as a bunch of grapes running through the neighbourhood, with sightings on Glendale Avenue, Rockwood and the path along the Welland Canal.

Yup, it was me. I’m preparing to set the Guinness World Record for fastest half marathon dressed as fruit at the Niagara Falls International Marathon this October. My costume came in this week and I couldn’t help myself – I had to give it a try. I did a 4K easy run – real easy. Stopped a couple of times to chat with curious onlookers.

First impressions: lighter than I thought and more breathable; it wasn’t exactly the heat trap I expected. The grapes may need to be reinforced a bit to stand up to the beating they will take during a half marathon.

Rob Lapensee at the Mudcat Marathon, Saturday, May 13, 2017

Attempting to be ‘officially amazing’

Hi, I’m Rob Lapensee and I’m going to attempt to set a Guinness World Record.

This fall, I will attempt to run the fastest half marathon dressed as a fruit. It’s all going down at the Niagara Falls International Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 15.

I’m super excited a world record is within reach for me, even if it does require a ridiculous outfit. The current record holder, Thomas Priest from the United Kingdom, ran a half marathon dressed as a banana in 1:20:37. I think the previous record holder ran as a banana as well.

I’m changing it up and making my Guinness World Record attempt dressed as grapes. Niagara is known for wineries and vineyards. I think running dressed as grapes will give Continue reading →

St. Catharines is going to Rio


Mohammed Ahmed was named to Team Canada to compete in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I snipped this photo from @Moh_Speed on Twitter.

St. Catharines, ON and Niagara will have a rooting interest in the 5,000 m and 10,000 m track events at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games later on this summer.

Today, Mohammed Ahmed was among the 65 athletes named to represent Team Canada in track and field. It will be the  25-year-old’s second Olympic Games — he competed in the 10,000m at 2012 London Olympic Games, placing 18th. Last summer, Ahmed won gold in the 10,000m at the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games.

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Athletics Canada announced the team going to Rio following the Canadian Championships and Selection Trials which took place in Edmonton over the weekend.

Reid Coolsaet

Reid Coolsaet, Canadian Olympic marathoner, was talking about training at the Skylon Tower Health and Fitness Expo back in 2012 at the Niagara Falls International Marathon.

Also named to the team is marathon runner Reid Coolsaet. in 2013, Coolsaet, from Hamilton, ON, set the course record for the half marathon at the Niagara Falls International Marathon: 1:03:11. Amazing!

So excited for Olympics! A lot of people are calling this group of athletes one of the strongest teams to represent Canada in track and field events. Congrats and good luck to all the athletes selected to Team Canada.

Gotta run! Rob

Blog photo Team Canada.PNG

I snipped this photo from Twitter: @AthleticsCanada.